The IMSS of Prince George provides Settlement and Integration Program services that will ease the process of immigrant and refugee clients as well as its dependents’ initial settlement into community as well as to easily adapt to life in Canada. IMSS Settlement and Integration Program services which includes language training (LINC) and language assessment, information and referrals, help finding employment that matches newcomers’ skills and education and help integrating into Canadian society will address specific clients’ needs to overcome their settlement barriers and to fully participate in social, cultural, civic and economic life in Canada such as: employment issues, lack of official language skills, limited knowledge of Canada, education, health, resources and support. These services will provide eligible clients with timely, useful, and accurate information needed to make informed settlement decisions and understand life in Canada.

Our goal is to guide clients to discover local resources and other community services and provide knowledge on how to become more self-sufficient and able to function in the community without assistance. By helping clients become involved in community activities and interactions with Canadians, the result should lead to the community becoming an advocate for newcomer immigrants to our area and understand better the barriers newcomers face in the settlement process. IMSS also conduct regular outreach services to eligible newcomer clients settling in the neighbouring and isolated smaller communities in our region who otherwise do not have access to settlement services in their area.

Services include:
• Needs assessments and referrals
• Information and orientation
• Employment related services
• Language training and assessment
• Community connections
• Settlement workers in schools (SWIS) program
• Support services

Eligible clients:

  • Permanent Residents
  • Protected persons as defined in section 95 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA)
  • Individuals who have been selected in Canada to become permanent residents
  • Convention refugees and protected persons outside Canada who have been selected for resettlement in Canada by the Department.
  • Live-in Caregivers